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• A House Kissed by the Sun: Most couples contemplating their prospective dream home compose wish lists of their favorite architectural details and lifestyle amenities.
• Haute Design: Rarely are the elements of art, architecture, and interior design so masterfully blended as in this renovated Boulder home.
• Paradise Found: Traci O’Very Covey keeps a garden box—a flat rattan attaché—that holds her original garden sketches and blueprints, including a drawing she did of her husband, Mikel.
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We are pleased to announce our plans to evolve MyHouse Magazine into a nationally based on-line residential forum on design. Here we offer exceptional ideas useful to those undertaking a renovation, addition, or building a new home. We intend to create a dialogue among our readers and experts in the field of design and construction. We will also include imaginative product and trend ideas and share the work of interesting people.

Please take a look at the marvelous houses described and illustrated here under “projects.” In addition, a variety of departments cover a broad range of subjects a homeowner encounters in designing any project, large or small. Content you find here has been taken from MyHouse magazine, which began in 2004 as a magazine focused on residential design in the mountain states region and opens up in 2006 to a broader readership.

Please feel free to send us a note sharing what you would like to see in this forum or asking us any question pertaining to your project or to our website. Please send your comments or questions to


• Solutions: A Wyoming architect designs a unique silo for storing the treasured grape..
• Here & Now: Today’s outdoor living spaces offer more than fresh air; they are fully appointed open rooms that are extensions of the home’s interiors.
• Ways of Living: When friends and relatives arrive, a well-designed guesthouse, often a mini-version of the main house, says welcome in a big way. .
• Out the Door: Rebecca DiDomenico’s artistic talents are reflected in the garden she designed for her family—still a work in progress.
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• Outer Wares: The latest offerings in "outer wares"—everything from furnishings, to TVs, to appliances.
• Home Office Furnishings: Liberated by the remarkable pace of technology, home offices are coming out from behind closed doors.
• Bedroom Furnishings: Inspired by the deluxe appointments of the world’s finest hotel suites, today’s bedrooms are becoming personal retreats designed for more than sleeping.
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• Negotiations: Subcontractors are often a key ingredient to building your dream home.
• Profile: Want to improve your home’s curb appeal? Color consultant James Martin makes his mark on exteriors of every shape and size.
• Books: A reading list of current releases on residential design.
• Marketplace: A guide to finding professionals, products, and materials featured in MyHouse. Coming soon.
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• Index: Browse back issues of MyHouse Magazine by issue.



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